Deep Wood Lodge is available.

Deep Wood Lodge

Cains River,  

New Brunswick, Canada.

About Deep Wood

A letter from Jack

Jack Pittard
221 Chenault Road
Lexington, Kentucky 40502 

 Subject: Deep Wood Lodge

Gentlemen and Ladies, 

Deep Wood Lodge is a unique, classic Atlantic Salmon, Ruffed Grouse, and Woodcock property of immeasurable beauty and charm. It was conceived a little more than 100 years ago and constructed 80 feet above a big bend in the Cains River a few miles outside Doaktown in New Brunswick, Canada. You can Salmon fish down in front of the porch as Ted Williams and others have done in the past. And bird hunt in multiple nearby coverts. The Lodge has changed ownership only a few times in all those years. My friends and I from down south have been very fortunate to have been the keepers of the lodge for more than 25 years. The joy and pleasure we have experienced there during those years is impossible to describe. 

With a bit of melancholy, I must say it may be time for us to pass the lodge on to a younger group of sportsmen. And so it is that Deep Wood Lodge is available again- a truly rare opportunity.Initially we were thinking of a simple sale; but more recently I’ve come up with a more romantic idea: to sell the camp; but retain one or two weeks a year for us old guys for a little while....... perhaps to be pathfinders for the next generation. 

So, if you have the resources and want to put them to the finest possible use, give me a call and I will be happy to provide more insight and discuss with you the potential future of the Lodge. 



Deep Wood Lodge Poem

Rodney Jones


Deep Wood Lodge

High above the Cains…the lodge is always waiting 

For those whose fortune leads them there…

To see the river’s beauty and the woods so fresh and fair

To see the salmon jumping and the eagle in the air

To find the warmth of friendship in a place that’s truly rare.

Pancakes on the griddle, bacon on the side

Dogs everywhere- without a care, eyes all open wide

Cause boot and shell and mood and smell

They know have never lied, and…

“To the firs” they say, for grouse today, for we know that’s where they’ll hide.

So…to the Bettsburg Road and Chipman, and the woods we’ve walked before

Where Clark and Abbie, Tom and Ralph, then with us always tore

Through Popple and Birch, as they did search, on red-yellow leaves of yore

I saw them then, I see them now, in my mind forevermore

Circling, scenting, finding, holding…now their offspring have that chore.

Then woodcock in the alders, and Brittanies on the run

Collar bells all a jangling, the dogs are having fun

The sherry smell of leaves, the old familiar gun

The point, the flush, the shot, the drop…

Thanks Lord for all we’ve done.

As the evening chill and the evening still begin to settle in

The singing grounds impart new sounds as we turn for the lodge again

For porch and chair and smoke filled air, and a scotch (it is no sin)

For quiet thought or stories sought of birds and dogs and men.

Dinner on the big stove… then the fire ablaze with a roar

George on the box, our feet are up, and the dogs are on the floor

There is no time that’s more sublime, and this is why we’ve swore

Whatever the test, we know we’re blessed, so we’re going to come here more.

High above the Cains… the lodge is always waiting 

For those who must come by

To see the river’s beauty, and the blueness of the sky

To see the salmon jumping, and the eagle flying high

To feel the warmth of friendship- like a sleeping lover’s sigh.

Rodney Jones

Our poet laureate of Deep Wood

High above the Cains

This poem was included in the summer addition of the 2016 Ruffed Grouse Society magazine.